The Art Of Teamwork

Our Digital Transformation Discovery Phase includes “The Art of the Possible” O365 Storyboards that demonstrate to our customers new ways of working with O365 products in their own unique cultural language with their own Personas as actors.

The Microsoft Teams Team have released a thought-provoking, beautiful guide that demonstrates “The Art of Teamwork” to help customers appreciate the intrinsic business value and opportunities working in Microsoft Teams.

The guide includes a fascinating deep-dive into what poor team work feels like:

  • Lack awareness and inclusion where members can be shut down, unempathetic, and find it difficult to navigate interpersonal frictions.
  • Inconsistent cycle of trust and vulnerability, unable to fully tap the potential of its team members.
  • Don’t feel safe sharing opinions due to fear of judgement or animosity.
  • Refrain from participating fully, negatively affecting the quality of the team’s collective work.
  • Unhealthy dynamics where tension becomes a destructive force with the potential to rip the team apart.

“The Art of Teamwork” guide raises us up to what it feels like when working flexibly from anywhere, with a shared purpose with a great team of people on complex business challenges to positive outcomes. It succinctly explains:

  • Constructive tension, that helps harness personal differences.
  • Collective identity, with a shared sense of belonging that builds cohesion and helps work as one.
  • Awareness, that provides understanding of self and others to manage personal dynamics and foster inclusion.
  • Emotional safety and vulnerability, that enables trusted risk-taking. Essentially sharing your ideas with a view that others might find them helpful, and others might help you improve your ideas. This in essence leads directly into the simple practice we also evangelise by Working Out Loud with a growth mindset.

This is an emotive storytelling tool touching on our human idiosyncrasies of working as part of a team. A thought-provoking framework we now share with our customers to nurture their digital transformation in Microsoft Teams, alongside our own unique cultural change collateral.

Author: Lesley Crook, MVP & Digital Transformation Consultant