The Anatomy of a Modern Workplace

Work Out Loud advocates sharing your work with a view others might find it helpful and others might help you improve your work. This week is Work Out Loud week #WOLweek and well, here’s another nice place I’ve gotten me into by Working Out Loud.

At the end of last year I worked with an NHS customer supporting their digital transformation journey and was tasked in creating a user adoption campaign for Office 365 specific to healthcare. I struggled at first but as I relaxed over the holiday had a spark of mindfulness inspiration! However, the idea was far bigger than me so I Worked Out Loud with my colleagues on Yammer. Here’s the reaction …

Work Out Loud in Yammer

I Worked Out Loud by sharing my work with a view others might find it helpful and equally might help me improve and the deeper work moved from Yammer to Microsoft Teams. To my utter surprise our NHS customer, CTO Mike Culshaw loved it and shared it in his external community! I thought what might we do with it next? So, I managed to bag an MVP speaker slot at Evolve Conference Birmingham, 21 Oct 2019 #EvolveConfUK. Shoutout to fellow MVP, Steve Goodman and Recruiter, Will Rowe absolute legends who helped me bring it to together at the event. No rehearsal we just put it out there with 4 other good sports. Then this happened on Twitter …

By Working Out Loud, sharing my work on Yammer to Microsoft Teams, then Twitter my idea has grown into some new Minttulip user adoption collateral by way of a play, yes a play! Nothing quite like having fun with a purpose.

Here’s the preface: “In the beginning Microsoft made a man called Adam Rib, IT Pro, then a woman called Dr Eve, Digital Transformation Psychologist. They worked in the Garden of Eden Hospital and went on to help Noah, GP; Abraham, Practice Director; Sarah, Finance Manager; Isaac, HR Manager; Rebekah, Comms Manager; Jacob, Procurement Manager and Joseph, NHS Helpdesk – shift to a Modern NHS Workplace.” Find out how in “The Anatomy of a Modern Workplace” session playing at Microsoft the Tour London, 16-17 January 2020.

The image below is intended to show how I think about Working Out Loud and builds on the brilliant, yet simple ‘Where to Start a Conversation’ a Microsoft slide affectionally known as the “inner and outer loops”. I will explain this further at Ignite, or please contact us anytime to find out more about cultural change using Office 365 amazing tools.

In the meantime try a growth mindset by Working Out Loud and nurture a cultural change in your organisation. Priceless!

Author, MVP: Lesley Crook Digital Transformation Consultant