Streamlining Frontline Working [Videos]

Visualising a ‘Day in the Life’

As part of our ongoing Frontline work with Microsoft, we produced a suite of videos and supporting material to highlight and emphasise how Microsoft technologies and improved Ways of Working can reap countless benefits in various industries.

1. Empowering Frontline Staff

The first video focuses on a day in the life of a Frontline member of staff, outlining the ways in which M365 gels seamlessly with current workstyles and reduces communication barriers between staff and management.

2. Enabling Managers to run their team

The second video follows a manager in their daily activities coordinating staff and ensuring the store runs efficiently.

3. Improving your Frontline as Head of Operations

Finally, we take a look at the bigger picture as our Head of Operations reviews reports coming up from management as well as keeping an eye on the staff’s general Health and Wellbeing.

Jared Howell
Jared Howell