Most organisations understand that investing in digital workplace capabilities will bring substantial benefit to their employees and customers. What is often unclear is which capabilities, how they should be enabled and embedded, and how value will be realised for the organisation and its customers in a sustainable and inclusive way.

These issues need to be clarified for multiple stakeholders, in support of budgetary and investment approval processes, and so require a clear articulation for financial, business, and technology decision-makers, and support to guide your organisational strategy development.‚Äč

A storyboard showing how Microsoft 365 enables an inclusive workplace through live subtitles, and flexible engagement.
An example of how Minttulip’s approach embeds inclusive behaviours into your ways of working

We help organisations across the public and private sectors develop a compelling digital strategy and business case, that focus on inclusive organisational growth, and sustainable value realisation.

Our work in this area has covered all Modern Workplace licensing options from First line workers (F SKUs) to full Enterprise security, insight, and voice capabilities (E5) and has directly led to investments from a few thousand to 100s of thousands of licences.

Your strategy should not just look at short-term roll-out of technology to support a positive long-term transformation to an inclusive Modern Workplace. This is why our Operating Model and Service Transformation expertise also builds this into your approach to delivering digital, so that your investment in evergreen services and their delivery, is inclusive from the ground up.

Minttulip's Inclusive Evergreen Operating Model framework, showing the inclusive centre of excellence, Inclusive Impact Assessment, and Diverse Digital Champions components, among others.
Minttulip’s Inclusive Evergreen Service Model

We offer:

  • An organisational engagement model that captures total value, with an inclusive framework for identifying opportunities so that benefits are expressed with accessibility and workplace diversity elements embedded within the central strategy;
  • A proven financial model, that produces a validated cost model and a realistic value realisation roadmap and ROI;
  • A strong narrative for your business case to ensure it is clear where your investment in digital capabilities will drive your organisational growth strategy;
  • A clear expertise and resource matrix, alongside an implementation plan for delivery across your organisation;
  • A rigorous analysis of the organisational and technical transition required to deliver a successful programme, and embed sustainable value based upon your investment in Modern Workplace capabilities.

Minttulip not only guide your internal business case and strategy development, we will support your procurement and commercial engagement with Microsoft and potential licensing partners to ensure you obtain the right outcome.

For more information, please download the customer guide, or contact us to have a conversation to find out more.