How did Teams & Stream support the flu season?

During our work with NHS Bury Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) we discovered a way of using Microsoft Teams & Stream to convey a critical healthcare communication to 26 Practices on vaccinating Carers and Children at Risk and booking flu clinics asap.

Using one of our bespoke “Art of the Possible” storyboards we effectively demonstrated the value of Teams & Stream to share urgent, NHS alerts fast, encourage smarter working, and improve communications.

Teams & Stream help with flu shot awareness
Teams & Stream improve comms

Teams & Stream improve comms

We literally have hundreds of these storyboards tailored to customers’ requirements. We develop them after running empathetic in-depth interviews and focus groups to get a real understanding of customer pain points and challenges – which we endeavour to turn into better ways of working opportunities. 

Join our Future Decoded session on 1 Oct NHS Bury CCG journey to Microsoft Teams and find out more about how our personas and storyboards added value to our NHS customers’ cultural change journey.

And coincidentally, we are actually now in flu vaccination season. If you know of Carers and Children at Risk please encourage them to get vaccinated for a healthier winter.



Lesley Crook