Flexible Working Tonics

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Author: Rob Mossop, MD

Hey guess what? Flexible Working just became a normalised Way of Working! For this to be a sustainable position there are substantial organisational shifts, or tipping points required from a cultural, policy, and digital capability perspective – and all organisations need a framework and a route to understanding both the long-term potential benefits available, and how to deliver and manage business outcome focused services outside of a typical office environment and adopt the right Digital Operating Model and associated Human Resources strategies to underpin it all.

Flexible working from home or anywhere, is one part of the way in which Minttulip helps organisations understand what “Flexible Working” really means to them. It offers benefits to both employers and employees, enabling organisations to maintain workflow and productivity, whilst allowing flexibility in how and where you get your work done. Shifting to Flexible Working through facilitating remote working can be an adjustment as you look for ways to balance home and work life, maintain focus and be fully productive. There are some clear and simple steps that individuals, teams, and the organisation itself can take to ease the transition and make it a sustainable and valuable Way of Working that becomes embedded into the culture of your organisation.

Delivering the kinds of Flexible Working capabilities that are enabled by Microsoft 365 capabilities also opens up new hiring and employee resourcing opportunities, as you can shift your employment and retention strategy and policies to explicitly embrace inclusive hiring practices as a result of having accessible technologies as the foundation of your Ways of Working. At the heart of this story, are the capabilities that sit at the centre of a Flexible Working environment: Microsoft 365 identity, security, and productivity services that help us all to stay connected while providing access to all the resources needed to get your work done.  

Customer storyboard
A customer ‘Art of the Possible’ Storyboard demonstrating Modern Workplace
opportunities acted out by their own Persona

From our experience of helping customers shift to modern ways of working here’s are our top tips, or what we like to call Tonics that can help you transition into new routines. You will find here some of our guidance around delivering a sustainable Flexible Working strategy, and how you can build the right bridges between your Digital Strategy and Operating Model, and your HR, recruitment and people development policy and strategy to deliver a more effective and inclusive organisational culture.

Try our Tonics today with just the right ingredients to invigorate flexible working!

We have a set of cohesive services and framework IP that provide a long-term, sustainable approach to realising value from your investment in evergreen technologies, so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

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