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The Prosci ADKAR® Model is a goal-oriented change management model that guides individual and organizational change and is at the heart of what we do. We also closely follow the Work Out Loud movement, a guided approach to regular meet-ups in “Circles” for groups of 5-6 people over 12 weeks.

“This is a way to build relationships that can help you in some way, like achieving a goal or exploring a new topic or skill. Instead of networking to get something, you invest in relationships by making “contributions” over time, including your work and experiences that you make visible. Your contributions over time are what build trust and deepen a sense of relatedness, and that’s what increases the chances for cooperation and collaboration.” Work Out Loud. Author John Stepper   

At Minttulip we broaden the approach by helping to grow and train O365 User Adoption Change Champion Communities that might include 20 to 200+ people. We bring ADKAR to life with engaging Work Out Loud metaphors and avatars. Meet our Change Champions who Work Out Loud.

We introduce this simple idea that folds into a Growth Mindset and helps nurture a cultural shift to a modern workplace. Many companies around the world are discovering that Working Out Loud brings outstanding business value in the most surprising ways. This is also about the magic of serendipity!

Try generously sharing your work with a view that others might find it helpful and others might help you improve your work!

john Stepper

In Teams or Yammer try sharing some of these business intelligent ice-breakers to get the conversation started and make new connections @subjectmatterexperts to encourage responses.

  • What are we not doing that we should be?
  • What’s one project you’d love to focus on for an entire week but don’t have time to accomplish?
  • What are we spending a ton of time doing, that has the least impact?
  • What was the most positive compliment you received from a [customer] recently?
  • What was the most common negative piece of feedback you received from a [customer] lately?
  • How is management doing? Any feedback for me on my leadership?
  • What’s a way that I can improve my communication or listening skills?
  • What’s something you need from someone on a different team that you aren’t getting?
  • Tell me about a work problem that you turned around lately. What was it?
  • What is a great cross-team initiative that you haven’t shared? Who would be best for it?
  • Who on a different team would you like to include in a brainstorming session? Why?
  • What are our competitors doing that you think is great and why?
  • What new thing did you learn this month?
  • Are we providing our people enough growth opportunities? If not, what’s missing?
  • What’s one of the favourite parts of your job?
  • Who did something amazing that made your day? Share a bit about why.
  • Name an example of someone who is living our values. What did the person do?

And have fun!

  • Share a photo of your home desk
  • Share a photo of the view from your house
  • Share a photo of your pets or your favourite pet
  • Share a photo of your favourite mug and what you like to put in it
  • Share your Community effort
  • If you had to delete all the apps from your phone which 3 would you keep?

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