Enhanced End User adoption support with the WoW Centre

The most obvious reason why digital adoption is important is simple – no matter how effective or powerful a new software solution is, it is only as good as the number of people using it.

To make the most out of any digital transformation project especially a Microsoft 365 rollout, you need to ensure high end user adoption. Unfortunately, considerations around adoption are seldom realised and many organisations find themselves faced with frustrated, disengaged and unproductive workforce. 

To take full advantage of all that Microsoft 365 has to offer, you need to be proactive about ensuring users embrace the tools you want them to use.  

And Sword Minttulip can help! 

Our WOW (Ways of Working) Centre is a one-stop-shop digital portal available as an App via Teams or SharePoint, customised and targeted to the unique needs of the roles within your organisation. Accompanied with an adoption toolkit aligned to your transformation journey, you’ll have everything you need to manage your people through the transformation.

We have developed a Ways of Working centre that will help everyone across your organisation understand what the opportunities are for developing better ways of working in a way that is specific and relevant to their role and challenges. By focusing on the benefits that teams and individuals will get, the Hub helps people identify not only which tools and capabilities will help them get there, but how to put them into practice through a series of unique benefit-driven education and training pathways.  

We will help you design and implement a localised and branded version of the Hub to ensure your Staff engage effectively with the new M365 capabilities, and provide ongoing support, updates, and future benefits engagement as part of our complete offer. The Wow Centre is fully Microsoft Teams integrated and accessible as an App via the Teams app banner. 

  • Modern knowledge base site to aid your Microsoft 365 Adoption 
  • Accessibility features standard 
  • Behaviour based content & training materials (User Guides, Quick Start Guides, Videos / Webinars in Stream, FAQs) 
  • Learning Pathways with the latest learning material information directly from Microsoft
  • Easy to update & manage content 
  • Responsive design – any device, anywhere 
  • Integrated with Microsoft 365; including Yammer, Forms & Stream 
  • Organisationally branded site 
  • Key usage metrics for insight into adoption 


Typically, a 4-week engagement we adopt a 4-stage deployment process. The iterative build process means we provide Key stakeholder with regular updates. Supported with launch and communication plans, we ensure the centre is transitioned into business as usual as efficiently as possible.

We have deployed the WoW Centre in many organisations, most recently working with Leicestershire Police.

“Our WoW (Ways of Working) Centre delivered by Sword Minttulip, is enabling Leicestershire Police to achieve our objective of a user focused site that combines information and learning pathways, to support engagement and technology adoption across the force. Aligning the development of this site to the rollout of 365 is helping us adopt and make best use of new tools.”

Andy Elliott, Head of Change at Leicestershire Police.

Should you be interested in further information please get in touch to discuss how we can help your organisation make the most of the investment in Microsoft technologies.

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