Empowering your Frontline Workers

At Sword Minttulip, we always follow industry trends to make sure we’re armed with the best techniques and assets to support our customers; whether it’s to make their first step towards a truly digital workplace, improve their security posture or increase their staff productivity and overall wellbeing.

A key area of focus for us at the moment revolves around exploring how our customers can address the needs and challenges of a critical part of their workforce: the frontline workers. This is obviously particularly important today when we are all facing unprecedented challenges in how we interact with family, friends and, of course, customers, patients, colleagues and visitors in shops, restaurants, hospitals but also factories, prisons and even our own homes.

Did you know?

There are more than 2 billion frontline workers worldwide!

According to a Forrester study, less than 25% of
frontline workers have the right tools to do their jobs.

As part of what we do, when we are faced with challenges, we strive to spot opportunities on how we can help our customers become more adaptive, productive, secure and ultimately a better workplace for both employees and their own customers.

Our recent work in frontline worker scenarios highlights 3 key areas of opportunities for improvement.

This enables organisations to respond to the challenges that manifest themselves both for the frontline workers and Head Office staff. Below are some of the common themes we see across our customer base:

People management

  • Struggle to efficiently manage shifts, rotas and daily deployment tasks
  • JML process can be a real challenge with high churn of staff
  • Production line insights need knowledge of activity and engagement

Cumbersome processes

  • Vital processes and checks take longer than necessary and are prone to error
  • Heavy reliance on paper-based processes increase security & compliance risks
  • Audit and review processes are costly and time-consuming

Workforce engagement

  • Effective and inclusive communication is a challenge when only a few have a digital identity
  • Delays in the transmission of critical messages cause real problems in production contexts and customer interactions

Do any of these challenges resonate with you? Is your organisation struggling to address the needs of frontline workers?

We can help

We have developed an approach that starts with a light touch assessment to raise awareness and flag the key risks; this is then followed by the creation of a business case to formalise the return of investment and understand what the opportunity for change and improvement is.
Benefits realisation is proven through a series of Pilots to validate the recommendations and assumptions of the business case, finally culminating in the deployment and rollout of the new capabilities.

Working with our customers typically encompasses these 4 phases:

  1. Assess your frontline workforce current ways of working to surface challenges, pain points and most importantly opportunities for improvement;
  2. Focus on key use cases that can be addressed in the short term to realise quick benefits and prove value to the business for wider transformation;
  3. Map a clear business case and transformation roadmap against business objectives, including key considerations and implications for full rollout of tools and capabilities;
  4. Deploy the necessary technical solutions coupled with comprehensive adoption and business change services to ensure return of investment and benefit realisation.

Our approach ensures you can develop a clear strategy based on tangible improvements mapped to business outcomes and the value that will bring yo your organisation and your customers.

We are currently engaged with a number of organisations across different industries, both in the private and public sector, and have a wealth of experience and knowledge that you can benefit from, having developed sector specific offerings that can help you hit the ground running with a proven formula.

Check out some of the real scenarios we have worked on that have been turned into animated videos by our Design Team.

Interested? You might qualify for a free engagement as part of your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can help you start your journey by conducting an assessment of your frontline workers needs and produce a plan and roadmap that you can execute against. We will show the art of the possible through engaging demos that can bring to life some of the real opportunities and even give you a chance to try some of the latest toys, such as Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie ?
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Felice Gianneri

Customer Solution Director