Collaboration Change Agents

We pondered on how we can make the process of user adoption a bit more fun and accessible. Based on experience came up with the Collaboration Change Agents. We use this, alongside some other simple approaches to introduce Office 365 collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Yammer and OneNote to customers as part of their digital transformation change journey.

Please do not think of these change agents as individuals. You will never find them working alone. What you will find, on a daily basis are passionate people pivoting across these fictitious personas, nurturing business success in collaboration technology.


They align strategic goals and culture. They ‘@another‘ into conversations and instinctively know the subject matter experts. They Work Out Loud*. A simple philosophy that suggests instead of networking to get something, you lead with generosity, investing in relationships that give you access to other people, knowledge, and possibilities. It also encourages you to make your work visible, framing it as a contribution. Creating a growth mindset, breaking down business silos throughout the organisation and “going where no employee has gone before!”


They look for grassroots business-value stories that can be shared and use qualitative and quantitative storytelling that demonstrate the right behaviours and values. As a reporter, they will seek to make heroes of unsung employees and share collaboration technology success stories within the organisation in SharePoint Community Sites and meetings.

Journalists trilby


They work in private groups and gather information on the “voice of the customer or employee”. This might be made a public group after the detective work is completed as might include priceless tacit knowledge by subject matter experts that might be helpful to other colleagues.

Surveyor's safety hat


They take a company temperature check using Polls — or simply pose big-ticket questions and capture fast, authentic employee feedback that might be helpful to internal communications or change management programmes.


Heads of State

They ‘Like’ comments and nurture the right behaviours and values within the organisation, rewarding and recognising actions that reinforce positive company culture. Remember, a ‘Like’ is also an acknowledgement that a post is read, appreciated and should be liberally used.

Sporty baseball cap

Sports Fans

They promote a work / life balance — encouraging the right team culture and utilising it to build a broader understanding of the company’s behaviour and values, deepening relationships with employee social events, fundraising, sports or photography groups etc.

Collaboration change agents are “intrapreneurial” and pioneering staff with a key role to play in digital transformation.


Lesley Crook